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Enterprai transforms transactional data coming from global trade repositories into actionable insights and alerts, providing must-know information in real-time to some of the worlds most prominent hedge funds and market makers.

Using powerful, proprietary algorithms, Enterprai instantly analyses and classifies millions of OTC transactions as they are being executed to deliver the earliest alerts for changes in trading behaviours and market sentiment.

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Our Solutions

Buy-Side › Portfolio Manager

Boost your edge using real-time signals derived from Enterprai's proprietary data sets. Pick up trading ideas from others by monitoring their trades as market events unfold. Set up alerts so you never miss a 2 sigma event.

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Buy-Side › Analyst

Broaden your investment idea horizons by getting a unique insight into the trading patterns and behaviours underpinning OTC markets. Our analytics and visualisation tools allow you to track historical relationships and uncover regime shifts in a few clicks.

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Buy-Side › Quantitative Researcher

Access over 10,000 proprietary time series aggregating millions of raw OTC transactions into highly-engineered features ready for your models. Our infrastructure reliably delivers data in any frequency and format to take you from zero to signal to production in no time. Point-in-time snapshots available for safe backtesting.

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Sell-Side › Trader

Get a data-driven, granular understanding of the market participation in various price moves. See what trades go through OTC derivatives in a consistent and repeatable way, including at what rate and in what size. Filter through seamlessly to find exactly what you are looking for.

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Benchmark your execution strategy against our VWAP measure available for a wide range of OTC instruments. Leverage our advanced liquidity analytics to optimise your market impact and stay on top of market activity as events unfold.

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Measure jump risk quantified by volume, or transaction liquidation cost as well as market transaction price dispersion as a measure of liquidity conditions.

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Lightweight reporting
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Lightweight reporting
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Lightweight reporting
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  •   10,000+ fully-customisable time series
  •   Point-in-time snapshots for robust backtesting
  •   SLAs
Enterprai Data Products: API Reference

Product Spotlight

"Positioning in EURUSD FX options is 1.5σ short"

Appropriately curated delta-weighted Call/Put skews express a measure of market positioning on the underlying pair. And a good proxy for market positioning, moreover, can provide exploitable mean-reversion signals in the spot market.

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"Large position build up in straddles as EURUSD drops 35 basis points"

Monitor how smart money reacts to market news and moves as proxied by their participation in the options market. Our algorithms identify all major FX option strategies including call and put spreads, calendar spreads, straddles, strangles & risk reversals. Browse individual trades as well as higher level analytics such as position build ups.

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Figure 2. Intraday view of EURUSD 1 month FX options trading on Jul 8, 2022 broken down per strategy type. Each bubble corresponds to one trade and its size is proportional to the trade's notional.

“Elevated levels of volatility expected in EURSEK as option dealers run big short gamma exposure”

Feedback effects coming from the options market can change the volatility structure of spot or even result in extreme price dynamics such as market crashes and pinning. Enterprai monitors such position build ups and gives you an early warning so you are never caught off-guard.

Table 1. The table above summarises the gross gamma exposure of FX option dealers in 4 currency pairs, expressed in gamma notional. Rest of the columns estimate how much delta hedging will be induced if spot goes up by 1 bps, 0.5 std and 1 std. Data as of Jul 8, 2022.

"Large volumes of 4Y5Y and 8Y9Y curve trades in USD OIS swaps"

Curve trades involving an exotic combination of tenors are often executed by market participants who have identified and are exploiting a curve dislocation. Enterprai identifies curve and butterfly packages in real-time and keeps you updated about latest market developments in OIS and LIBOR swaps.

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Figure 3. Weekly volumes of top 10 curve trades in USD OIS market, expressed in DV01 terms. Exotic tenor combinations are highlighted in yellow. Data accumulated over trades executed in the week of Jul 4, 2022.

“Unwinds of 10Y outright IRS positions are 2σ large over the last week”

Understanding how much traded volume supports each market move is essential in equity markets. Enterprai is making this possible for the first time in OTC markets.

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Figure 4. IRS market volumes in the context of swap curve changes. Two lines depict the swap curve shape (1Y-10Y) respectively on Jun 1, 2022 and Jul 8, 2022. Volume bars represent the amount of fixed to float swaps executed in the respective tenor, broken down into new trades and unwinds.

“IRS market positioning for Sep FOMC is 2σ large with 55bps of hikes currently priced in”

With the disappearance of FRAs central bank forward OIS swaps are becoming an increasingly popular way for market participants to express their view on monetary policy changes. Enterprai is the only place where you can learn about market activity in this instruments, including information on position unwinds.

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Figure 5. Open interest in central bank forward OIS swaps targeting Sep 2022 FOMC overlaid with the swaps market expectation fo that meeting.

“Recent build up of downside risk for 2.8 strike in 10Y swaptions”

Learn about the swaptions market sentiment by monitoring  what strikes are traded and how the risk has been accumulating over time.

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Figure 6. Build up of swaption positions expiring between Jul 8 and Aug 8, 2022 at 2.8 strike. Size of position is expressed in terms of DV01 of the underlying swap. X-axis reflects the execution date of the swaption trade.

"CTAs flipped their positions in USD rates from short to long"

Track and predict the behaviour of CTAs to understand how their flows might impact your investment view across a broad set of asset classes: FX, FI, equities and commodities. Our proprietary model is transparent and proven to accurately replicate the performance of funds included in SocGen's trend index.

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Figure 7. Daily CTA fund positioning in USD rates in May and June 2022. The y-axis reflects the fraction of total portfolio holdings allocated to a given asset where the sign is an indication of the direction of the position, where positive stands for long and negative for short. Values are updated daily.

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