June 19, 2020
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Wojciech Mucha

Wojciech has over 10 years of executive experience in fintech. At the age of 23 he joined Bloomberg in London as a senior sales to expand its footprint within emerging markets. Wojciech played an important role in helping to build and scale Conotoxia and, an award-winning financial services holding company in Poland, with a portfolio of regulated entities in Europe and the US.

Enterprai becomes an official sponsor of AI & Data Science Trading Conference in New York

Enterprai, a London-based research and technology start-up on a mission to democratise quantitative insights and turn data deluge into an opportunity for the financial markets community, has become an official sponsor and exhibitor at AI & Data Science in Trading, currently scheduled for Q1 2021 at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City.

“Enterprai was born out of an ambition to create a unique environment where researchers and engineers are empowered to do their best work. We are building a financial analytics platform whose capabilities will be well beyond anything that is currently available on the market,” commented founders Wojciech Mucha, Deyan Ulevinov and Tigran Atoyan, PhD.

Enterprai has been gaining momentum since the outbreak of COVID-19 and is developing its product alongside senior market participants who have bought into and support the company’s long-term vision.

Boris Vladimirov, a former portfolio manager and partner at both Brevan Howard and Rokos Capital Management, noted: “A system that can be user friendly, flexible, and fast enough to capture essential signals from unstructured data in a fast-changing environment, and that can present the insights in an intuitive workstation would be of great value to risk-takers. This is what Enterprai is working on.”

Former EM portfolio manager and partner at Silver Ridge Asset Management, who prior to that ran EM credit trading groups at Citi, Jay Parshottam added: “Today, innovation is a central subject of change coming across financial markets, where more data-driven insights are being incorporated across all aspects of the financial industry. A user-centric and collaborative approach is at the core of the mission Enterprai is undertaking.”

As a science-driven organisation, meaningful collaboration with academia is at the heart of Enterprai’s strategy.

Professor Rama Cont, Chair of Mathematical Finance at the University of Oxford, commented: “Financial data analytics used to be restricted to quants but its necessity and usefulness are increasingly obvious to all asset managers, whether discretionary or systematic. By making advanced data analytics accessible to a broader range of market participants, Enterprai can help turn the data deluge they face into an opportunity for unlocking a wealth of information.”

Another expert in the field of mathematical finance, Professor Johannes Ruf from the London School of Economics, added: “In my experience, collaborations between technology firms such as Enterprai and academics create significant synergies through which the former get access to current research, while the latter get access to data and relevant problems in the markets. Such interactions can help generate new directions for research in fields such as mathematical finance.”

During the AI & Data Science in Trading conference, Enterprai will be leading digital discussions and demonstrating the key benefits of its software.

Aminah Hanif, Content Director of AI & Data Science in Trading says in response to Enterprai’s participation in the event: “We are delighted to have Enterprai come on board as one of our event sponsors, to add to our esteemed roster of cutting edge technology within the AI and data science space.”

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